We’re a Little Obsessed About Safety!

Safety, reliability and transparency are the core values of our placenta encapsulation business.
Please don’t hesitate to ask questions! It’s our job to put your mind at ease with our broad understanding of placentas and safety precautions.

Our training & experience are broad.

All combined we have over 104 hours of formal training in technique and safety. We have been fully trained in food safety and hold food handlers cards. We have completed a blood borne pathogens training specifically designed for placenta encapsulators that is OSHA certified. Having been well established in the Seattle area for 7 years and served more than 786 clients, we have a deep knowledge of placenta encapsulation safety and a positive reputation with health care providers. You can trust us to know exactly how to handle your placenta in a way that protects your health.

We only work on one placenta at a time.

Your safety is paramount to us, so we never work on more than one placenta at a time per location. If two clients give birth on the same day we complete the first placenta, deliver it back to the client, fully disinfect and then begin the second placenta. Each receives our full attention to detail and safety, including rigorous documentation from start to finish which you receive a copy of. We work as a team and can be processing three placentas in three separate kitchens, if necessary. We also keep several back up encapsulators of similar skill & experience at the ready. This process guarantees that your placenta will never be mixed up or cross contaminated.

We use proper refrigeration and transportation protocols.

Any raw organ meat (such as the placenta) will colonize bacteria if not properly handled. Proper refrigeration during storage and transportation are absolutely crucial. We are experienced and confident in transporting your placenta and have have a perfect track record of over 786 placentas safely transported. No need for you to worry about transporting the placenta yourself, let the experts handle it for you!

Our preparation area is properly disinfected.

The entire preparation surface is cleaned before and after with a 50% bleach solution to prevent cross contamination. We also do a clean water rinse to remove bleach residue. Surface disinfection is the same no matter where the placenta is prepared. Our commitment to universal precautions surpasses preparation location.

All our reusable equipment is properly disinfected.

Because our equipment comes in contact with many people’s blood products, it is imperative that it be properly disinfected every single use in order to prevent cross contamination. Our protocol requires everything be washed in hot soapy water, rinsed, then fully immersed in a 10% bleach solution for 20 minutes (we also do a final clean water rinse to remove bleach residue). This is the standard required by OSHA & the EPA for disinfection and is designed to kill STIs and blood borne pathogens. We also replace our equipment whenever pitting or cracking is found and use disposable products whenever possible. We do not reuse dish sponges or cutting boards. To add an extra level of safety we use concentrated bleach which is 8.25% sodium hypochlorite instead of standard bleach which is 3-6% sodium hypochlorite. This exceeds OSHA requirements.

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