Why Puget Sound Placenta?

When it comes to your placenta, you only have one chance to get it done right. With over 847 happy clients, Puget Sound Placenta offers peace of mind.

Fast Turnaround
2 days on average, Priority Mail delivery within 3-4 days*.
Quality Training
Over 104 hours of education in technique & safety.
Safety First
Rigorous disinfection standards, exceeding all requirements.
Dedicated Service
Our team is on call for placentas 365 days per year.

* Three to four day expected in the greater Puget Sound area and same day pick up only for clients who sign a contract before labor begins.

Repeat Client?
Get $25 off encapsulation!

Add On Services $30 each

  • Placenta tincture
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Methods of Encapsulation Offered by Puget Sound Placenta

Balanced Encapsulation Gentle Encapsulation
# of Capsules Moderate Least
Placenta Steamed? No Yes
Fully Dehydrated? Yes Yes
Dehydration Temperature 160F 160F
Time to Dehydrate 12-16 hours 10-12 hours
Any Herbs or Additives in Finished Capsules? Never Never
Other Considerations Provides more protection against bacteria because of high heat. Considerable loss of mass during steaming yields less pills. Provides more protection against bacteria because of high heat.
Other Names TCM, Chinese Method